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Who Are Bluebear?

Bluebear is a gaming startup based in Dublin, Ireland. We are focused on creating innovative titles for the casual gaming market and have a passion for quality engineering and beautiful design. In the past we’ve had great success with our children’s games; they have been downloaded more than 60 million times. In November 2013, we were the 6th largest game developer by downloads on iOS. Prior to this the founders created several other hit apps in multiple categories, with games like Wordly back in 2010, and first of their kind apps like Sketch Me!

What Games Do We Make?

The company is building casual games for mobile and is pursuing several titles in this space. Two of these projects are near completion and due for release in 2015. Our goal is to create games for as broad an audience as possible. As a team, we are all about creating great gaming experiences, and are driven by a love of the craft of game development. We are firmly focused on making games that we feel casual players will want to play. We build freemium games as we feel this is the best way to get our creations in front of the largest amount of people.

Join The Team

We are looking for brilliant engineers, artists and game designers to join us. We believe that small teams of highly talented people can achieve incredible results. We’re looking for people who share our passion for making games to join us on our journey. We have an ambition to make Bluebear one of the world’s great gaming companies. In our short history we have a track record of great success, and we are confident we can build on this success for the future. Our team is more talented than ever, and we’re looking for new recruits! See our Jobs Page for open positions.

Bluebear is going to be a games company you hear a lot about

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